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Hi, my name is Alida and I make glass beads  in  a small studio room in Forest Hills, Kloof, South Africa.


I’ve always loved beads and use to spend my pocket money on buying beautiful beads in a magical bead shop in Cape Town. I would keep my little treasures for months, sometimes even years, before using it to make a piece of jewelry or ornament…. I seem to have gathered rather a lot over the years, it’s making the dogs nervous……

I live with my husband and  three four-legged dog children.

We have summer most year round, the warm Indian Ocean is 20 minutes away, and we’re surrounded by spectacular sights and tropical vegetation. I discovered lampwork by accident while googling for beads in 2004, and since then it has become a passion, obsession and pure indulgence. My full time day job feeds my obsession of glass and tools and everything slightly related ….


I went for my first introductory course in lampworking in 2005. It took me another year to get all the tools, glass and equipment together  before I  made my first lampwork bead.

There were no local suppliers when I started, so I investigated each aspect of the art on the web. In the beginning it took me weeks just to find out where I can the find the best mandrels !! I imported all my equipment and glass, and this was also my introduction to online shopping …. but that is another story ….

Please see my gallery for previous work and previews of new items before they go on sale.










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