A Beautiful Memory

20160208_213519_HDR (1)MEMORY BEADS – HOW I STARTED                                                 

A while ago one of my customers asked if  I could make a special bead for her. Her fiancé died in a motor-vehicle accident , and she wanted me to incorporate some of his ashes into a bead she could keep close to her. Lots of things went through my mind, I knew of bead makers doing this, but it is quite a responsibility to take on such a task, and obviously your client has an idea of what they want, and you need to try and at least meet that expectation. You also have a responsibility to treat something like this with respect and understanding.


We worked together, looked at ideas and finally I made something she liked. It was quite a process, but with something like this, it must be just right. Her mother picked up the final bead, and when she said the blue in the bead reminds her of the young man’s eyes, I had a little shiver go down my spine. I really enjoyed the challenge, and being part of something so meaningful.

When I made the bead, I made sure my work area was clean from clutter, so that I could concentrate on just this one bead without distractions.

I handled the ash with the respect it deserves, and so my journey began.

As soon as the grey ash was introduced in the flame, the ash turned white as it attached to the molten clear glass. A few bubbles formed, and I made sure I covered it well with clear glass so that the glass does not crack.  Once completed, I put the bead into a kiln for annealing to ensure durability. I made it up into a necklace using sterling silver findings to ensure a lasting keepsake.  My client gave me permission to show the bead here.





Because this is such a personal journey, I am happy to work with a client to create something special and personal. I will only take on assignments I am confident I can deliver on expectations. All details are confidential and I will not be sharing pictures of your order with anyone.

Throughout the process I will be in contact and only once satisfied, will I send you the final product.

Please go through my gallery to get some ideas, I have an amazing collection of coloured glass, so I can make beads in all kinds of colours.

To make the beads I will need half a teaspoon of the cremation ash that can be send by regular mail or courier. Any ash not used will be send back to you with the completed bead once the order is completed.

I am happy to take on assignments from local and international customers.



Best friends live forever in the memories we keep

I love my dogs, and know that pets are part of our families and loved ones too, and a loss of a pet can be as heartfelt and devastating as losing a human loved one. I would gladly assist should you desire a keepsake for any pet you wish to honour in this way.

10% of the Sale Amount for every memory bead I make for pets, I will be donating to my local SPCA, and I will send you an SPCA receipt for the donation in your name.



My price is  based on my time and the cost of glass and findings.  Please contact me for a quote.

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